Menerusi hantaran di Instagram milik Chef selebriti popular, Datuk Redzuawan Ismail atau lebih dikenali sebagai Chef Wan berkongsi rasa syukur keadaan terkini ibunya, Noraini Abdullah setelah menjalani pembedahan membuang payudara.

“Sorry to keep everyone in suspense.
By 1pm she was wheel back into her room.
She a tough lady that and was only in the observation room half hour before she awake again i was told.”

“As u can see she still in the daze from the anesthetic and pain killer i suppose.
Alhamdulilah thank you to Allah and all the doa from all of u and she got out of the surgery successfully with no problem.
Thank you off course to Dr Doreen her surgeon and team for making this possible.”

Katanya lagi, Bagaikan seakana melapah daging limpa doktor telah berkongsi kepadanya beberapa gambar tumor. Namun dia dinasihatkan tidak berkongsi gambar berkenaan di media sosial untuk mengelak warganet berasa takut.
“She sent me all the photos of the huge2 tumor and its scary to see such a huge lump plus how she had cut mom breast opened and shape it back again. Mcm melapah daging limpa sekeping2 aja. If only i can share with all of u but i was advice not to scare all of u la.”

Tidak Tidur Menjaga Ibu

Jauh di sudut hati Chef Wan meluahkan rasa syukur dengan keadaan ibunya kini. Kini ibunya dalam proses pemulihan selepas menjalani pembedahan.

Now i have given her some water the last 2 hours she got into the room, fed her some fish congee. After her meal she kept struggling wanting to pull her tube and kept asking me to take her home.

I felt very stressful trying to calm her down and finally the Dr gave her some pain killer and some thing to calm her down and put her to sleep. As she had no sleep all night like me this is good time for her to sleep. 

She not allow any visitors for now till tomorrow. So i told my siblings not to see her now and let her rest well. She will be fine.

We just need to give her time plus all this confusion as with being a dimentia patient.
Alhamdulilah…amin2 she has removed that awful looking tumor.




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Warganet Titip Doa

Dalam pada itu, para pengikutnya dan kenalannya mendoakan ibu Chef Wan kembali sihat setelah selamat menjalani pembedahan.






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